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Have you just discovered that in order to enter your nursing school, you are required to get a passing score on the ATI® TEAS 7? Your search for the ultimate ATI® TEAS 7 exam prep ends here. We have assisted many individuals in preparing for this examination, and we are ecstatic that you have chosen to learn with us.

Pass your ATI® TEAS 7
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Our tutors have been working tirelessly to ensure that the new topics and question formats are reflected in our updated practice exams. You will find question banks for Math, Science, and English, as well as video lectures and a variety of live reviews, all at Archer Review ATI® TEAS 7.

Bonus! Memory tricks and “buzz words” through out, to help you retain the information!

ATI® TEAS 7 Products
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  • 740+ Questions with detailed rationales

  • Customizable exams

  • Performance graphs

  • Real exam like interface

Video Lectures
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  • 60+ hours of onDemand videos

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  • Downloadable notes

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  • Access all onDemand videos

  • 740+ Questions with detailed rationales

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Our Instructors

The TEAS dream team awaits! Archer Review's top-notch instructors will make your TEAS studies a breeze. Three subject experts with years of experience helping students just like you pass their TEAS exam.

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Brandon Craft
Math Instructor
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Susanna Heinze
Science Instructor
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Tammy Summerlin
English and Reading Instructor

Video Lectures and Question Bank

Review every topic of every subject area on ATI® TEAS 7 with our comprehensive video lectures. Each lecture is delivered by a subject expert who has helped countless students like yourself see success on the TEAS exam. Tune in on-demand and study whenever, wherever, and however you need.

Our questions cover every bit of content necessary to pass the ATI® TEAS 7. And, it looks and feels just like the actual exam to help you feel more comfortable on test day! Walk into your exam with confidence, and walk out feeling like you just took another Archer Review practice test.

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Study from anywhere on any device

If you are not around a computer, you can continue your studying from any device using our mobile apps.

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What students say

Thank you guys for your webinars!!!! I'm so happy to say I got an 83.3 on the TEAS!! © g my scores were: 92 on reading, 91 on math, 79 on grammar and 75 on science

Katherine Ann Smith

Just wanted to say the Archer Reviews webinar with Brandon Craft has been immensely helpful in passing the math portion of the test with an 88%! Thank you so much !! Definitely memorize the conversion (ml to L) and formulas that's recommended on his formula survey.

Brittney Moralez

I passed my TEAS test with 82.. Thanks for the resources here.

Ninah Ongaki
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